Business Development Leadership Programme

12 month programme to establish business development best practice in your team

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  • Your Business Development Leadership Programme will take 12 months
    1. Real World Sales Review
    2. Intensive Workshop Programme
    3. Sustained Coaching and Mentoring for your Business Development Team Leader
  • You should expect your sales results to improve quickly
  • Our support is in place for long enough to change habits and culture
  • The impact and results of your programme will be carefully monitored and reported

Your programme will start with a Real World Sales Review…

  • We will look together at everything that has an impact on your sales and business development performance
  • The objective of this exercise is to identify and to prioritise the areas where your sales performance can be improved most quickly, most easily and at least risk
  • Findings will be reported and we will help you to develop action plans
  • Your Real World Sales Review may lead into a Business Development Leadership Programme…

When we have identified your specific needs and priorities, we will develop your BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME

This programme will ensure that the best elements from the world of full-time B2B sales teams are introduced into your business development leadership and processes.

Business-Development-Leadershio-Manifesto-ImageWe identify these best elements in our Business Development Leadership Manifesto.

Your BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME will take 12 months to complete and has four components:

  • COACHING & MENTORING with the key individual in the pivotal role of Business Development Team Leader
  • Your coaching and mentoring can either be relatively low-key or as assertive as you choose
  • If you select assertive coaching and mentoring, this process will be underpinned by a negotiated success fee
  • Highly interactive half-day workshop to review 3CSELLING and business development processes
  • Content and structure designed to meet your unique team’s needs
  • Workshop culminates in filming short videos of delegates’ action conclusions
  • Team members and their colleagues will complete online surveys at various stages of your programme
  • These surveys will enable us to track what’s actually happening throughout the programme
  • This independent feedback will enable your Business Development Team Leader to become increasingly effective
  • After the first three months of your programme, a second interactive workshop requires everybody to review the evidence of what has been learned and achieved
  • The goal of this key stage of your programme is to ensure that the foundations of sustainable improvement are fully understood and subsequently sustained