How might this role work in your firm?

Business-Development-Leadershio-Manifesto-ImageOur Business Development Leadership Manifesto makes the case for professional services firms to embrace the best elements of B2B sales best practice. The single most significant recommendation is to establish the role of Business Development Team Leader.

We thought that it might be useful for you to see what this role looks like as a job description.

What would be the impact of this role in your firm?


Job Description: Business Development Team Leader

Leading and managing the team who achieve our BD and CS results Scope & Responsibilities
  • Our success as a firm depends on our ability to win and retain the best clients.
  • As our Business Development Team Leader, you will be accountable for achieving results in the pivotal areas of Business Development (BD) and Client Service (CS).
  • You will coach and support your colleagues who make up your part-time BD/CS team.
  • You will equip and inspire your colleagues to co-create the greatest value with our clients.
  • You will ensure that your team records all significant information within our CRM system, enabling real-time reporting of performance against expecations.
  • One of your principal responsibilities is to establish and maintain a framework of negotiated expectations with clients throughout the firm with the goal of “No Surprises”.


  • Planning and negotiating agreement about individual BD and CS targets within a credible overall business development plan for our firm.
  • Coaching everybody who owns these targets to develop and implement action plans that make the best use of their time and inspires the confidence that must underpin effectiveness.
  • Mentoring team members to improve proposals and client account plans.
  • Holding people accountable to achieve these agreed BD and CS results and to learn from experience.
  • Maintaining and continually improving our CRM system and processes so that we have the necessary records, reporting and forecasts.
  • Reporting performance to our Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Business Lines


  • As Business Development Team Leader, you have few direct reports.
  • Your success must be achieved by playing an enabling role with your colleagues, who all have a wide range of other priorities.
  • Almost everybody who plays a BD and CS role is primarily a fee-earner.
  • You will have a continuing challenge to ensure that sufficient time is invested in BD and CS activity.
  • Some of the people in your team may occupy the most senior positions in the firm and their expectations about BD and CS roles and activity may need to be challenged.

Working Relationships

  • Senior Leadership Team – responsible for delivering agreed BD and CS results
  • Marketing – ensuring the best available integration of marketing with BD and CS initiatives
  • Business Line Heads – delivering the mix of services agreed with every area of the firm
  • IT & Systems – Making the best use of technology to minimise cost and maximise benefits
  • HR – Equipping line managers with information that supports performance appraisal
  • Finance – accountable for negotiating, agreeing and delivering BD and CS budgets

Experience & Character

  • You will have the necessary professional and commercial experience to shape good judgment.
  • You will be an excellent coach, balancing encouragement and challenge as required.
  • You will be sufficiently secure in yourself to allow team members to enjoy the credit for their success.

KPIs & Performance Reporting

  • New Business Wins/Period – Value of new business won during the period (not to be confused with revenue or the value of invoices raised during the period)
  • Client Retention & Growth – Achievement of planned retention and growth within existing client relationships
  • Forecast Accuracy – Accuracy of new business and client retention forecasts
  • Net Promoter Score – We use NPS as a reliable indicator of our success in managing client expectations.
  • Dashboards and Board Reports – You will ensure that our CRM system provides reliable information, and you will brief the senior team to underpin effective BD and CS strategy.
  • You will not be accountable for achieved profitability which remains the responsibility of Heads of Lines of Business.