Evidence based learning and performance improvement

Research will keep your programme focused on actual results in the real world

3 Research Areas For Your Programme

Quantitative – What do your numbers say?
Qualitative – What do your people say?
Academic – What do the academics say?

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Academic Research

  • Revenue
  • Margin
  • Value of new business acquired
  • New business pipeline
  • Account acquisition, retention, growth
  • Motivation
  • Engagement
  • Rates of change
  • Competencies
  • Impact on clients
  • Evidence based sales best practice
  • Academic oversight of your programme
  • Anonymising and aggregating data from your programme to drive future sales research

4 research dates in each workshop programme

  1. We will conduct consultation research before your workshop to enable delegates and their colleagues to shape content and objectives
  2. Immediately after your workshop we will capture and review conclusions and actions
  3. 30 days after your workshop our research will monitor early outcomes
  4. 90 days after your workshop we will identify the changes that have been achieved and their impact on results