What is 3CSELLING and why should I be interested?

genuinely collaborative business development

using expertise to ask better questions

working together to co-create more value

carefully maximising value to everybody

  • Confidence to enjoy business development
  • Happier customers
  • Better win/retention rates
  • Co-creation of greater value at lower cost
  • Managed processes of business development
  • Different and better conversations
  • Deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities
  • More engagement from all stakeholders
  • Better listening
  • Different and better proposals
  • Greatest value, at least cost, to all stakeholders
  • Genuinely bespoke business propositions
  • Fewer surprises
  • Different and better negotiations
  • Price becomes a much lower priority
  • Great clarity about who will do what next
  • Project management of decision processes

3CSELLING – What’s Different?

  • Genuinely respectful business development process
  • Simple to understand, whilst remaining highly sophisticated in outcomes
  • Appropriate for a wide range of decision roles, from relatively junior to the most senior

How to implement 3CSELLING?





  • Fundamentally change team members understanding of business development
  • Understand why changes are needed
  • Establish a shared understanding of the nature, magnitude and significance of required changes
  • Effective business development team leadership is the single most critical success factor
  • Everything that we’ve ever learned about leadership is needed for this pivotal role
  • Opportunity for this leader to transform business development team performance
  • Need for outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to develop effective analysis of needs and available options
  • Capacity to create and articulate the compelling business case
  • Project management skills to negotiate conclusions
  • Clearly understood routes to prioritise effort
  • Agreed performance criteria
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Reporting that leads to sustained learning (and celebration!)