3CSELLING-2-x-1-logoWe’ve just learned learned that our new trademark 3CSELLING was registered yesterday with the Intellectual Property Office.

It’s been a very interesting contrast with the last time that we registered trademarks. Eleven years ago when we registered “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!” and “SPOTLIGHT ON RESULTS”, the costs of the process were much higher, and it took a lot longer. By contrast, this time we used  an online registration agency who have proved to be very effective. We’ve also been really impressed with our dealings with the Intellectual Property Office.

Both TradeMarkDirect and the IPO are using available technology effectively to deliver great service. Both parties were really good with call handling when I wanted to speak with a real person, and both used automated processes and their websites to give me access to the information that I needed.

It just demonstrates how the Internet has transformed this kind of project, making everything faster and more accessible. It’s a striking example of how processes can now be designed to co-created more value, faster, and at lower cost to all stakeholders. Exactly what 3CSELLING is all about!