3CSELLING-2-x-1-logoProfessional services firms are facing unprecedented levels of competitive challenge in markets where many aspects of service provision have become commodities. Increasingly sophisticated clients need evidence of premium service before they are prepared to pay premium rates.

Business development activity in professional services must deliver real value to potential clients at the very earliest stage of contact and conversation. Further value is required by the client all the way through discussions, right up to the point where a business case for working together has been created and negotiated. The key components of 3CSELLING make this approach particularly appropriate for professional services firms.

  • Coach – people in professional services are particularly well placed to use their expertise and experience to coach potential clients so that needs are better understood
  • Co-create – an experienced professional who is supported by an effective business development team leader is well placed to develop genuinely innovative approaches that co-create real and measurable value
  • Conclude – project management is a key element of professionals working lives and it will not be hard to learn how to bring these project management skills to business development

3CSELLING key components within professional services

What will be needed in your business development strategy to implement 3CSELLING?

  • Vision – Awareness of significantly better ways to engage with current and potential clients
  • Leadership – The pivotal role of business development team leader who invests significant time to enable team members to coach, co-create and conclude
  • Skills – The wide range of communication and commercial skills that are needed at a high level to fully implement 3CSELLING
  • Processes – Most of the proven business development processes from the world of the B2B sales team are required to be focused and effective

Might 3CSELLING be appropriate for your firm?

Thanks for reading this far. If you suspect that the idea of 3CSELLING might be appropriate in your situation, give us the opportunity to demonstrate the process.

If you get in touch, we will welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the 3CSELLING process by reviewing your unique situation. We will:

  • Coach – By asking you a range of significant questions that you will find valuable as you reflect on how best to improve your business development processes and results
  • Co-create – Working with you to identify the potential programme components, participants, outcomes and performance measures in your unique situation
  • Conclude – Negotiate and agree a plan to work together within our fixed price programme structure, or conclude that a different route is more appropriate in your unique situation

Next Steps

It will be great to hear from you for an initial phone conversation.

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