Improve your sales and business development results

Win, retain and grow better clients and customers

Programme Outcomes

Sales Leadership

∗ Genuinely effective business development leadership

∗ Inspiration & motivation

∗ Unambiguous accountability

∗ The key to improved performance

Processes & Pipeline

∗ Better proposals and key account plans

∗ Greater volume of opportunities

∗ Use CRM more effectively

∗ More accurate deployment of resources


∗ Support and encouragement

∗ Greater motivation for business development

∗ Growing knowledge, expertise and momentum

∗ Leads to greater client confidence

Improved Results

∗ Win better new business

∗ Retain the best existing work

∗ Improve profits


Why should you consider changing current ways of working?


Professional services are changing at an unprecedented rate

  • Changes are being driven by increasingly sophisticated clients who can choose from a growing range of competitors

  • Everybody is learning to be more and more efficient and effective

  • Conventional business development strategies are proving inadequate

  • We believe that it’s time for professional services firms to embrace global best practice from the world of full-time B2B sales teams

Click here to read our Business Development Leadership Manifesto

How we work with you

BD Team Leader

BD Team Member

  • Everybody in the firm engaged in business development or client account management needs continuing support
  • BD team members will learn how to require and receive all necessary coaching and help from their BD team leader
  • This new team dynamic within your firm will result in better performance
  • Client satisfaction will rise because client needs have been identified and met more accurately

Three innovative processes that will enable you to compete more effectively…

  • Your programme will start with a Real World Sales Review
  • We will look together at everything that has an impact on your sales and business development performance


  • Identify how your sales and business development results can be improved
  • Prioritise these findings in terms of ease, speed, cost and risk
  • Make recommendations and develop action plans


  1. Interviews with key team members
  2. Review preliminary findings and possible recommendations
  3. Investigate implications of potential routes
  4. Interactive presentation of findings
  • You and your colleagues will learn how to use your professional expertise to:
    • COACH your clients and customers, enabling them to understand their own needs better
    • CO-CREATE more value for all stakeholders in business proposals and plans
    • CONCLUDE discussions by managing decision processes
  • Our experience is that people working within professional services embrace 3CSELLING because it is evidently respectful of client priorities
  • Learn more about 3CSELLING here
  • Structured 12 month programme to improve business development and sales performance
  • Focus on the pivotal role of Business Development Team Leader
  • Combination of coaching and mentoring, workshops and independent surveys
  • Content and outcomes co-created uniquely for your situation
  • Fixed programme fees
  • Learn more about the programme here

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We’re BIG fans of this book

•  Published May 2014
•  Rigorous academic approach
•  Highly readable
•  “For everyone who wants to build a future-proof sales organisation”

Book website can be found here