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We equip and inspire business development team leaders and their teams to improve sales results

  • Need a more effective business development team?
  • Keen to avoid anything that looks like conventional sales training?
  • Want to ensure that investment of time delivers measurable improvement?

Keep scrolling to learn about our 3CSELLING programme…

  • COACH your clients and customers, enabling them to understand their own needs better
  • COCREATE more value for all stakeholders in business proposals and plans
  • CONCLUDE discussions by managing decision processes
  • Learn more about 3CSELLING here
  • When it’s appropriate, we’ll capture key conclusions and commitments on video for subsequent review
  • Every element of your programme designed to make an immediate difference in the real world
  • Discussions lead to conclusions, commitments, actions and results
  • Four structured surveys at key points in your programme to ensure alignment of expectations
  • Current academic sales research underpins the content of your programme
  • Structured feedback from your team about the impact of your programme
  • Learn more about our focus on research here

When might I use a 3CSELLING workshop programme?

  • Appointment of a new business development team leader
  • An important sales goal that must be achieved
  • Launch of a new product or service
  • Preparation for an exhibition, conference or other event
  • Development of a significant proposal
  • Any time that you and your colleagues need external help, within a structure that is focused on results

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We’re BIG fans of this book

•  Published May 2014
•  Rigorous academic approach
•  Highly readable
•  “For everyone who wants to build a future-proof sales organisation”

Book website can be found here